My approach is tailored to your company’s specific needs. Your unique situation requires more than just a pre-packaged strategy.
The companies I work with as a consultant recognize that achieving and sustaining profitable growth takes a commitment to continuously improving the service they provide.


Wert Solutions

We knew we could ‘move the needle’ to capture more profitable customers but we were stuck with an inefficient sales process. Aleksandra brought focus to our sales process, messaging, positioning and teaming that has resulted in an immediate and sustained impact for our business. Using Aleksandra’s great sales coaching and mentoring, we have moved and positioned our company to grow more profitably and much faster.

Amazon Customer Review

By Amazon Customer on May 22, 2017
The author of this book addresses the needs of the telesales agents and telesales managers, while motivating both of them to achieve their goals. There is a lot of practical advices on how to manage daily sales activities and how to improve your sales conversation.
I recommend this book!


My first Telesales book „Introduction to Telesales“, in Serbian language is selling now on Kobo.

Kobo customer reviews

Odlicna knjiga. Prakticni saveti koji stvarno mnogo mogu da poboljsaju rad. Dobra je jednako za prodavce kao i za menadzere! Toplo preporucujem!
by Ana on April 11, 2017

Vrlo interesantna knjiga koja pokriva sve vazne aspekte telefonske prodaje. Izuzetna knjiga!
by Aleksandar D. on April 11, 2017

Telesales Book

As I spent many years managing Sales teams, primarily in Telesales, I decided to share my experience from the field, with people who need practical advices, something that is not just a theory, but that is rather proven in practice. It is not just about selling, there is a lot of other things you should know about.


Aleksandra Popivoda was proudly featured with numerous articles on the Slovenian business portal Novi Podjetnik.


With Aleksandra’s ability and knowledge on how to develop a database for prospecting, it allowed us to have immediate opportunities that would not have existed otherwise. These opportunities led to a steady stream of business, most of which are our clients today.


The ebook collection is now also available for purchase in the biggest Italian bookstore Feltrinelli.


This Exceptional Customer Service Manuals serves as an invaluable tool for instructing your employees how to best provide top-quality service to your customers. It include details about how customers are to be greeted when they call or write, how to delight your customers, how to handle difficult conversations, effective email communication and lot more.

Beoterra Properties

Aleksandra took the time to understand us. She didn’t just provide pre – defined training programs, but instead learned our culture, our goals, and our people to provide advice and training that really made a difference. The financial results, of course, speak for themselves.

Kobo customer review

This book includes scripts, dialogues, examples and ideas for helping you to plan interesting and engaging dialogue with your prospects. It also discusses voice inflection, how to retain customers and what to ask on the call. A lots of good and practical information. I highly recommend this book.
by Jade S. on May 22, 2017


Small things count when customers have only your voice to judge you by. Crucial areas covered by our programmes include effective selling skills, cold call training as well as properly managing and prioritising your best and most valuable customers.

W Group

Mrs. Aleksandra V.P. delivered very clear and easy to understand processes on structuring and monitoring Telesales activities and provided individual coaching as well as thoughts on how to begin a Telesales effort and to compensate employees for their result.


Aleksandra acted as a trouble shooter and temporary manager with extreme confidence and vision. She came into an organization that needed to rebuild and redesign for success. She is very skilled at making difficult decisions without the emotional over lay that can get in the way of positive solutions.


Aleksandra worked with Marketing, Sales Operations, and Sales Management of our company to establish a small Telesales organization focused on qualifying leads delivered by Marketing. The project included establishing a comprehensive lead management process, training the team, and establishing and implementing a process to capture call results. Based on the success of her initiative, the team has increased in size by 40%.


Aleksandra helped us to target specific areas of our Call Centre for improvement. Our workforce management, quality program, process improvement, and overall ability to effectively utilize data to improve the member experience have all been positively impacted. The relationship has been long-term and yielded extraordinary results – consistently.